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Hall Of Fame

The following drivers are in the Clintman's Hall of Fame for their superhuman abilities. Success=winning. whether it be on the racetrack, in business, or with your family. These individuals have the right formula for success !!

#19-Gene Coleman Gene was a very successful driver both at Norway Speedway and for Fox River Racing Club. Now, he is one of the most successful names of all time in the racing business industry (2002 inductee)

#12- Steve Burgess One of the smoothest drivers on the ARTGO circuit. Never really got the recognition he deserved, so here it is !!! (2002 inductee)

#74-Terry Baldry This guy was born to go fast and turn left. He has so many years of experience, you would think he was older than he is. But, he has many years and many wins left in his career. (2003 inductee)

#71- Wayne Erickson Wayne's World, better knowm as Slinger SUPER Speedway. Enough said ? (2003 inductee)

#35-Dave Valentyne Former SLM competitor for FRRC. Also, former President of FRRC. Current Events Director of W.I.R. and FRRC. Also known as "The Man" (2004 inductee)

#89- Brad JJ Mueller Defending Slinger Speedway Track Champion, which nowadays is not an easy thing to do. (2004 inductee)

#99 Dick Trickle No Wisconsin short track Hall of Fame is complete without Dick Trickle in it. He is the KING of short tracks and always will be. (1990 inductee)

#14 Al Schill Multi-track Champion at Slinger, as well as an ARTGO star of the 80's and 90's. A true champion !!! (2005 Inductee)

#15 Rich Somers Former frrc champion, Rich always had some of the sharpest car around the state. His mustangs and thunder pony's were very special (2005 inductee)

#36-Joe Shear One of the most dominant ARTGO drivers in the history of the series. Always a threat to win at any race he entered, no matter what track he attended. We all miss him dearly. (2006 inductee)

#93-John Ziegler Number 93, johnny Z. was always a tough competitor in ARTGO, Red, White and Blue races, as well as weekly races at W.I.R., Madison and Slinger. Always a sharp paint scheme and a lead foot managed to Get'r'Done !!!! (2006 Inductee)

#88 Tom Reffner Long time ARTGO and W.I.R star, Tom was always a front runner wherever he competed. (2007 inductee)

#A-7 Bob Abitz Bob was a front runner for several years in FRRC competition. He has also teched more cars than most inspectors would ever dream of teching by working at all the top tracks and series accross the country (2007 inductee)

#96 Roger "the Bear" Regeth Roger was a front runner on the dirt, on the asphalt and everything in between. He still turns several laps every Thursday night as the FRRC pace car driver. (2007 Inductee)

#97 Bob Iverson Bob was the runner up several times in FRRC weekly competition, a tough competitor in the Red, White and Blue series and a multi track champion at Norway Speedway (2008 inductee)

#97 Alan Kulwicki Former FRRC track Champion and also a former NASCAR Points Champion. One of the few drivers that was pretty much his own crew chief (2008 Inductee)

#30/#36/#50 J.J. Smith JJ raced back when my grandpa used to attend the races. He has probably turned more laps at wir than any other driver. He finally called it a career back in 2008...a season where he was still VERY competitive. (2009 Inductee)

#18 Cliff Ebben Cliff has to be one of the nicest guys I have ever met in the racing business. He also has been very competitive back in the late 1970's and early 1980's at WIR. He has recently returned to the track to compete in the LLM division where is again competitive. Additionally, Cliff also races at Elkhart Lake, where he simply dominates any time he competes. (2009 Inductee)

#12 Tony Strupp--Always one of my favorite Slinger SUPER Speedway drivers. He also competed for countless years at WIR. Always a tough competitor who would drive the car as hard as he could. (2010 Inductee)

#5 Jim Sauter- Jim was a Thursday Night Thunder competitor who also competed in the specials at WIR. He did well in ANY race he entered and has a TON of kids and even grandkids who are currently racing competitively at area tracks. (2010 Inductee)

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